About Us

We are a Canadian-based company that acquires delinquent consumer relationships from companies that extend credit. Our mission is to use a people-first approach for the management and resolution of outstanding debt, allowing you to feel relief from financial burdens.


Our approach puts you first

Life happens – we get it. We know the importance of understanding what’s going on in your life and working together to find the right path to financial freedom. Our approach focuses on providing support and guidance while empowering our clients to manage their debt in a way that works for them. We vow to always respect your time and boundaries, focusing on the idea that we are one person helping another resolve their debt. It’s that simple.

  • How can I repay?

    The right repayment option looks different for everybody. We offer a variety of solutions to help you navigate your way out of debt.

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Ready to take control of your financial future?

Here are the next steps to clearing your debt

Pyxis LetsTalk

First, let’s talk

We want to know your story. We’ll have a conversation to understand the circumstances of your debt. No judgment, no pressure, just understanding.

Pyxis MakeAPlan

We’ll make a plan together

We’ll discuss your options and determine the right solution for you, creating a step-by-step plan that makes sense for your life.

Pyxis ClearYourDebt

Clear your debt

Get back to what matters most without carrying the weight of financial burden. Together, we can find a way to a debt-free life.