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Credit Scores and Reporting

Does Pyxis Solutions report to the credit bureau?

Where permissible, we will report information on your account to credit reporting agencies, including payments and defaults. If you pay your account in full, any default will show as ‘paid in full (PIF).’ If we agree to accept a discounted amount as a settlement, any default will show as ‘settled in full (SIF)’ when it is paid. While a SIF balance represents a payment that is less than the total outstanding amount, some lenders will consider this payment when reviewing credit applications.  

Once your repayment has cleared, we will inform the credit reporting agencies so your credit file may be updated accordingly. Updates are communicated to the credit reference agencies at the end of each month and will be applied to your credit file in due course.

What is my credit report and why is it important?

Building and maintaining a healthy credit score is important for many reasons. Good credit can help you earn preferred terms and rates with lenders, extend your credit, and allow you to secure a housing rental or utility account with a potentially lower deposit requirement. In some instances, employers may require a satisfactory credit check as part of their hiring process. 

How can I improve my credit report and score?

Managing all of your credit accounts will show you are in control of your financial situation. Making payments to clear any unpaid defaults can look favourable to lenders and may improve your credit score. Beginning to make payments will also prevent further action from being taken, including your account being referred to debt collection agencies, additional fees/interest or legal action. For more ways to improve your credit report and score, please call our customer service group at 1-888-354-8900.

Will you update my file when I make repayments?

If your account is being reported to credit reference agencies, we will update them with details of any repayments that you make towards paying off your account.

Pyxis Solutions is not my original lender, why are you attempting to collect my debt?

Pyxis Solutions works with various lenders to acquire offending consumer relationships. Ownership of consumer accounts and the original terms/rights of the loan agreement are transferred to Pyxis Solutions, which is why you may hear from us as opposed to your original lender.

Does Pyxis add additional fees and/or interest to my account?

In some circumstances, we will charge late fees/interest as per the loan agreement terms. 


I have a complaint, what should I do?

Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service for our clients. If you have a complaint, please contact us as soon as possible so we may find a solution. Our customer service group can be reached by calling 1-888-354-8900 or by sending us a message through our online portal. If your concern is still not resolved, please contact our company Ombudsman.

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What happens if I ignore your communications and do not make any attempt to resolve my debt?

Ignoring your debts will not make them go away, and doing so can have serious consequences. If we are unable to reach you and you are not making an active attempt to resolve your debt, other courses of action may be considered. This may include assigning your debt to one of our collection agency partners or the assessment of potential legal action. We want to find solutions that work best for you and hope to avoid other courses of action. If you have been contacted by Pyxis Solutions, please get in touch with us as soon as possible by calling 1-888-354-8900 or sending us a message through our online portal.

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I have instructed a trustee to handle my debts, what should I do?

If your account is to be managed by a third-party trustee on your behalf, please let Pyxis know right away so we may adjust your account accordingly. To discuss your account with us, please call our customer service group at 1-888-354-8900.

Why is a collection agency calling me on behalf of a debt owned by Pyxis Solutions?

Pyxis Solutions partners with several Canadian collection agencies to help rectify various outlying accounts. If you are unsure if the call you are receiving is legitimate, we strongly encourage you to contact Pyxis immediately. Please call our customer service group at 1-888-354-8900.

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